We are happy to announce the addition of Virtual CE to our usual offerings this year due to COVID-19 in-person restrictions. We have attached the information for each lecture below. To register, simply click on the link for the lecture(s) you want to attend and register with your name, email and OE tracker #. You have to register for every lecture you wish to attend individually. For these lectures, you MUST sign in within the first 10 minutes to receive credit, and you will have to stay the WHOLE time, AND you will have to answer ALL polls throughout the lecture (this is how we are tracking attendance for credit). Stay safe and we can’t wait to see everyone soon!


June 1, 7 pm: Chris Carver, OD 1 hour Non-COPE on MIGs


June 9, 7 pm : Chris Borgman, OD 2 hours COPE pending on Ocular Pharmacology


June 14, 7 pm: Kelly Malloy, OD 1 hour COPE pending on Papilledema


June 15, 7 pm: Leo Semes, OD 1 hour COPE pending on Vitreous Anatomy and Disease


June 23, 7 pm: Katherine Weise, OD 1 hour non-COPE on Pediatric Pharmacology


July 1, 7 pm: Michael Lewen, MD 1 hour non-COPE on Retinal Disease


July 9, 7 pm: Michael Cymbor, OD 1 hour non-COPE Topic TBD (likely glaucoma)


July 12, 7 pm: Chris Cakanac, OD 1 hour non-COPE on Glaucoma


July 21, 7 pm: Carlo Pelino, OD 2 hours non-COPE on Opioids


July 29, 7 pm: Greg Caldwell, OD 1 hour COPE pending on Thyroid Disease and the Eye